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Malaysia’s National COVID-19 Immunisation Plan: The Missing Details.

The Malaysian Government has recently published its National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme (NIP) outlining its strategy to achieve coverage by February of 2022. Though the document gives a good overview of the country’s vaccination plan from procurement to vaccination, it omits the minute execution details on several aspects along this value chain.  The missing details TrustContinue reading “Malaysia’s National COVID-19 Immunisation Plan: The Missing Details.”

Interning at UNDI 18 – The Experience

With the pandemic causing a global lockdown, I decided it was best to defer my university entry to 2021 as I felt that it was unsafe to travel and the cost of remote learning did not seem to be worthwhile. As I had a full year until my university year started, I decided that theContinue reading “Interning at UNDI 18 – The Experience”

Youth perspective on Budget 2021 – Nadia Malyanah and Tharma Pillai

Original article was published on 25th November 2020 on The Vibes. TOMORROW, our parliamentarians will be voting on Budget 2021, which will make or break Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s government. While the political battle to become or remain government is ongoing, we cannot forget that this is the most important Budget in the past decade. Continue reading “Youth perspective on Budget 2021 – Nadia Malyanah and Tharma Pillai”