Youth perspective on Budget 2021 – Nadia Malyanah and Tharma Pillai

Original article was published on 25th November 2020 on The Vibes. TOMORROW, our parliamentarians will be voting on Budget 2021, which will make or break Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s government. While the political battle to become or remain government is ongoing, we cannot forget that this is the most important Budget in the past decade. Continue reading “Youth perspective on Budget 2021 – Nadia Malyanah and Tharma Pillai”

Why Undi Ketiga

All of us learn in school that Malaysia is a democracy. That means we elect our leaders and those in government, whose job is to run the country, and that much is clear at both the national and the state level. Every General Election (GE), we vote for our Members of Parliament (MPs) in Parliament and for our state representatives (ADUNs) in each State Legislative Assembly (DUN)…

Ecological Fiscal Transfer: A Tool for Combating Climate Change

The discussion surrounding climate change has always played a significant role in policymaking and advocacy in every country. This is more so in recent times, as the pandemic highlighted the extent of action needed to combat climate change. It is evident that complacency coupled with ignorance not only exacerbates its effects of climate change, but also brings forth a broad-based disruption of the global economy unparalleled by any other event. For example, a recent Stanford study…

Barriers of Women in Politics

We define democracy as inclusive and yet, we often leave women out of the political conversation. There is a gap between the population of women and the political representation of women on both a local and global scale. According to the UN Women, only 24.3 percent of all national parliamentarians were women in February 2019 which is disproportionate to how women make up roughly about 50% of the population. We cannot pride ourselves as a democratic nation if we do not listen to women…

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